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Youth & Schools Touch – Under 18’s

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National Youth Championships

In 1987 the inaugural Australian School Sport National Championships was played at the Belconnen Soccer Club's Belconnen playing fields in Canberra. A total of 6 States and Territories (WA and Victoria were not present) were represented by 19 teams in 4 divisions (15 years and under Boys and Girls and 18 years and under Boys and Girls). That totalled approximately 250 students playing in the event for the National title.

​1995 saw the introduction of Victoria into the national competition and 1996 was a significant year for Australian Schools Touch as it not only heralded Western Australia's appearance, but it also meant that for the first time at this event all states and territories were represented. This continued until 1993 when the event became a series between Queensland State Secondary Schools, NSW Combined Schools, NSW Combined Catholic Colleges and New Zealand Schools which continued until 1996. That year the Under 18's Championships incorporated the National Touch League franchise holders and the competition expanded into what it is today the premier Junior Touch Tournament in the world.


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Schools Touch - Under 16's

The Under 16’s played with their big brothers and sisters until 1992 when the Under 18’s became a series between Queensland State Secondary Schools, NSW Combined Schools, NSW Combined Catholic Colleges and New Zealand Schools.


In 1995 Queensland introduced the Girls Under 12's division where there were no semis or final but essentially participation fun and enjoyment for the players. 

It wasn't until 2014 that all States and Territories were represented in the Under 16's category. The competition has been dominated by New South Wales and Queensland except in 1998 the Australian Capital Territory Under 16’s Boys won by defeating the Northern Territory and then South Australia shared the spoils with Queensland in 1990.


Queensland have dominated the Under 16's competition recording a total of twenty-one Boys victories and twenty-six Girls titles whilst New South Wales have won eleven Boys titles with just 7 Girls victories. In the Primary Divisions Queensland have won 12 Boys titles and nineteen Girls titles whilst New South Wales has managed six Boys and only two Girls victories.



After 2012 Australian School Policy changed and names of participants were no longer printed in programs or published online, all designed to protect the identity and privacy of school children. The recording of try scorers was no longer possible so the history relative to this ceases with that year.

Schools Under 16's Results

Additional Statistics


Head to Head 

Master Try Scorers


Schools Touch - Under 12 Years

As stated earlier, the Under 16’s played until 1992 when the Under 18’s became a separate series. In 1995 the Girls Under 12 years State teams played at the Under 16's Championships and were later joined in 2002 by Boys under 12's State teams.


Queensland have dominated the Girls series losing the event only twice since 1995 while the Queensland Boys haven’t dominated as ruthlessly as their Girls counterparts but have a lead over their NSW rivals 12-8.

The Queensland Boys hold the record for the highest score at an event defeating Tasmania 34-1 in 2013, However the Queensland Girls in 2018 scored a record 137 tries at an average of 19.57 per game. In 2004 the Girls went through the whole competition without conceding a try.


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Schools Under 12's Results and statistics can be found from 2001 with the Under 16's Results

Schools Touch - Under 7/8 and 9/10 Years

In 2016 the Harvey Norman School Series was created to include School teams into the National Youth Championships. Eight Boys School Teams and nine Girls School time competed in the inaugural championships.


In 2018 School teams representing years 7/8 were introduced with 5 Boys teams and 7 Girl teams representing schools across Australia.

Schools Touch - Under 7/8 and 9/10 Years

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